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We take proper form and technique and add in trainers who know all the tricks and support to give you the best workout you have ever had

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  • Personal Trainer at Every Class
  • Meal Planning Included to guide you for 6 Weeks
  • Ability to Book Class any hour on the hour

(5 AM to 9 PM Weekdays, 9 AM to 4 PM Saturdays)

Punch Boxing Fitness Studio is a high level boxing studio taught by instructors and boxing professionals who have years of knowledge and understand the true nature of fight sport and training with a focus on fitness.

We take proper form and technique and add in trainers who know all the tricks and support to give you the best workout you have ever had. You get to train like a boxer.

Punch Boxing Fitness Studio started in the Southpaw Boxing Gym as a system to train high level boxers and have them reach goal weights for both amateur and professional competition. The success rate was so high working with these high level athletes that very quickly other members started to ask if they could train using the same system.

During the testing phase we used 141 athletes, who trained regularly and had some boxing knowledge but were not high level boxers and, after a 6 week training camp we had a 100% success rate. Each member was chasing a goal specific to them and their body type and had a very specific meal plan structure specifically targeted to their success and every member hit their goal… WOW…we knew we really had something here.

The next level of testing we took 100 people who were looking to lose weight, or get into shape, and some were even just looking to gain muscle. Again we used this fitness system, we gave them meal planning and goals specific to their needs and we began to monitor them for 6 weeks.

Well guess what the results were?

That’s right 100% again.

We have now worked with thousands of clients and have success numbers in the 90 percentile across the board.

So you’re probably asking what makes us such a great place to workout and why are we able to boast such amazing results?

We don’t see failure as an option. Our trainers and coaches are so involved in your process and so invested in your success, that it’s almost impossible to say anything negative, because we make you family, and FAMILY sticks together.

Have a look at the rest of this website, check out the reviews from our members, and then come in and meet us if you’re ready to change your life.

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