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Boxing Circuit

Boxers are typically the healthiest athletes out there. Think of all the energy and effort it would take to fight someone right now (stop thinking about that person…that’s just wrong), I mean in general….it’s a lot of effort.

Boxing is also a very precise art form commonly known as the sweet science, it takes a ton of training and technical focus to get it just right. That is why boxers are so fit, they are constantly focusing on movement that is technically structured and has lots of variation.

We teach you properly here, with an instructor at every session you book. We want you to be able to get all the pieces of knowledge and form as well as the best damn workout in the world.

We are able to modify the program to any age, fitness level or fitness issue while helping with any past injuries by providing modifications to certain movements. The bottom line is anyone who is ready to get fit can do these programs …ANYONE.

12 X 12 Russian Army Boot Camp

Boxers dont just train boxing, they are the most well rounded athletes in the world and that is because they train using ALL the most relevant functional training methods that yield the most amazing results.

The 12 X 12 circuit is core and strength conditioning series that pushes you to your maximum every time you come in the doors. We focus on your strength and movement by providing 12 stations of functional movement, and a coach at every session to motivate you and push you through the workout.

Muscle burns fat, and this program is all about building that muscle the proper way and getting you into an elite level of fitness, starting with your core and working every muscle in your body.

Muscle build stronger muscle, and this program is something you can continue to do on a long term basis to maintain that strong healthy body you worked so hard to get. Maintenance is key.

Muscle growth stimulate all the other growth in your body, if you keep strong and eat right the body understands how to do the rest, we provide workouts that change weekly so they are never slow or boring, and we hit all those muscle groups and systems.

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